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How the Chili Mafia works…

The face behind the products

The « Chili Mafia » protects the « chili family » from mediocre and trivial industrial chili products. We wish to promote the real culinary specialities and show manufacturing processes from small producers who valorize the chili products as what they really are : a true delicacy with many different colours, spicinesses and flavours.

We taste and choose

As producers of hot chili sauces (Pika Pika Chili Compositions) and as Venezuelans, we are quite familiar with the world of chilis. For us, chilis are not only a means of competition amongst men, but rather a coveted delicatesse.

We search for the best chili products

We are constantly and passionately looking for the best chili products and bring them to YOU! Our clients will receive our “Chili Mafia Box” on a regular basis and will be kept informed via our “Chili Mafia” Youtube Channel, where you will be presented interviews with small manufacturers who will tell you more about their art, as well as recipes and more.

All the products

Be a part of the Chili Mafia

Our Youtube Tour

We want you to experience the products, the makers and your passion. We will use Youtube for that, so you can learn more about the products and experience it "live".
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The Chili “Mafiosi”

Here you will find the first "The Chili Mafia" videos soon

The Chili Mafia commandments

You have to respect

  • that chilis are real delicacies, no "cheap red pods" that are "just" hot
  • that spicy flavor should be natural - and not drawn from extracts
  • that you can prove yourself with Chilis. But it is above all about enjoying!
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Was is “La Chili Familia” looking for?

Own Production
Natural ingredients
Taste and "Hot Level" are equally important
Own taste of the Chilis